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Morning In Early Autumn Morning In Early Autumn
Heather Pool in Winter Heather Pool in Winter
Wild Winter Evening Wild Winter Evening
Pastel 10x14 inches September Evening Clouds
August Evening Lount August Evening Lount
Approaching Tyrley Locks Approaching Tyrley Locks
Duck Paddle Lane in Winter Duck Paddle Lane in Winter
Promise of Spring Promise of Spring
June Evening Light June Evening Light
Towpath to Shackerstone Towpath to Shackerstone
Pastel 5x7 inches August Dawn
Evening Reflections Evening Reflections
Evening at Gosswater Evening at Gosswater
River Sence River Sence
November Evening Clouds November Evening Clouds
Sunset at Geather Pool Sunset at Heather Pool
Pastel 9.5 x 15 inches October Light
Winter Evening Colours WInter Evening Colours
Moonlit Bay Moonlit Bay
December Light December Light
February Sunset February Sunset
Pastel 5x7 inches Wild Flower Meadow II
Pastel 7x10 inches Colours of Spring
Pastel 7x9 inches Winter Sunlight
Sunset Colours and Clouds Sunset Colours and Clouds
July Evening Glow July Evening Glow
Pastel 8 x 11 inches Late Winter Light
October Sunset October Sunset
Moorland Snow Moorland Snow
July Evening Light July Evening Light
Woodland Light: Summer Woodland Light: Summer
Pastel 6 x 8 inches Sunset Glow
Distant Rain Distant Rain
A Winter Afternoon A Winter Afternoon
June Evening Colours June Evening Colours
Evening Sky With Snow Evening Sky With Snow
Autumn Glow Autumn Glow
Waiting For Spring Waiting For Spring
Sunlit Woodland Path Sunlit Woodland Path
A Sunset In June A Sunset In June